An Introduction

by Kitty


Well here we are about to take over the running of Spring Parc, we will be moving in on the 26th of July and I am sure it is going to come along very quickly.

For those of you who don’t know us we are moving up from falmouth where we used to run two little shops collectivly known as Kitsboutique and we are extremely excited about this new venture which we will be running with my parents Di and Pete. We are Kitty and Paddy and there will also be help from the two dogs Brook and Peggy.

Spring Parc is already a wonderful vintage inspired holiday parc one which I can hardly believe we will be running and if we weren’t I would certainly like to go on my holidays to! The Parc contains a quirky mix of showmans wagons, a steam roller living van and even a vintage ale wagon known as the Maiden, all lovingly restored and in some cases built by the previous owners Rick and Kym. All of this is set in a peaceful  corner of North Cornwall called Rezare, it’s near Launceston!

This is to be our new blog and where we will detail our life in the Parc and over the next few weeks our journey to getting there. I think a couple of people might know me from my other blog The Lace Lapin which for the moment I will be taking a little break from so as to concentrate on this.

I am very much looking forward to introducing you to each of the wagons in turn and hope that some of you will come for a little holiday with us in the future! Pop over and like our new Facebook page if you fancy it or check out the current website for bookings and more details. Please though remember that we are still getting set up and  finding our feet there will be a new website in the coming months and some new wagons to renovate. Wow we are going to be busy busy busy we’d better make the most of the next few weeks and on that note I may retire to the garden with a coffee but first I will leave you with a few photos.