#2. The Summerhouse Dorset

by Kitty

Firstly let me just say that I have strayed from today’s topic……I am away for a few days and I certainly didn’t make this!

One of the lovely things about our new venture is the freedom to do a little exploring of our own and for a long time I have been desperate to have a holiday in one of the amazing quirky destinations available to us in England. I have decided to report my findings here on my blog and would highly recommend checking this one out.

On Sunday we set of through the rain and the wind to Lyme Regis where we were staying for two nights in The Summerhouse on the Rousden Estate. The rain cleared and we arrived in time to take a walk down through the woods to the private beach before returning to the beautiful Summerhouse to light the wood burner and settle down for the evening.


The little Summerhouse was lovely, decorated simply and stylishly with dark wooden floors and white wood. The back wall was open to the stone it had a little galley kitchen with open wooden shelves and a pretty white painted bathroom. There was no electricity and so our evenings were lit by vintage gas lamps in each room and candles. The bed in the corner of the front room, set back in a cosy alcove was so comfy with soft white sheets and a nice wool blanket across the end.


Then there was that rocking chair where I spent  large amount of time doing my crochet and the wood burner which was also an oven. We cooked all our meals in it which was great, as soon as I got home I looked them up online. Our house is the only place in Spring Park without a wood burner so the purchase of one is practically a necessity (I would expect a wood burner post in the near future).


We spent a great if windy day exploring Lyme Regis and going some lovely little shops one called Ginger Beer which sold all manner of outdoor glamping goodies. Gilly kettles and fire lighters, Picnic blankets and compasses, cool camping stoves and toasting forks….I could have bought it all for the Park! We went for a walk along the coast path before dark and returned to our cosy home to play scrabble and read books.

The Summerhouse is a perfect small hideaway, to be honest I could have stayed curled up by the fire watching the trees and the sea for the whole two days it really was a pleasure to stay there and I will be angling for a return visit!

See you all tomorrow x