#4 Tasty Treats

by Kitty

So my challenge for today is a post about food this is out of my comfort zone although I do like to eat….I also have a pinterest board devoted to tasty treats so I thought I might share a few chosen pins with you.

All of which are in my opinion very tasty winter treats!


Pumpkin and sage Ravioli from Reclaiming Provincial now I have included these because I figure they would be a good way to use up the left over pumpkin from the lanterns and also they look like they would make a delicious winter warmer meal.


Then there are these salted caramel brownies……I am a tiny bit obsessed with salted caramel. This recipe is on Warm and Snug and Fat.


I am also dying to make this Masala Chai Latte from Yummy Supper which would be perfect for snuggling up by the fire in one of the wagons.

See you tomorrow x