#5 Woodburning wishlist

by Kitty

Right well today’s topic was to be about fireworks night but our lovely little village isn’t having it’s fireworks night until Friday so I have adjusted the theme somewhat. Ever since our little jaunt to Dorset I have been lusting after a wood burner for our house and wood burning ovens for the Park, who am I kidding I want a wood burning oven too!

I have been compiling a wishlist although I am pretty sure that with further investigation I will find more but I thought today I might share it with you.

First and prehaps the furthest from my grasp are these two from Esse. The first is called Iionheart and is the same one we cooked on in Dorset a big range cooker fulled by wood, this stove needs either a big room or beautiful small but uncluttered space.

photo 2

The second might be better for a small space or wagon it is the Plus 1 model and comes in a range of amazing colours. From the front it looks like an ordinary cooker but then when you open the top door you see the wood burner!

photo 3

I think I might be saving my pennies if I want one of those though so I had a look round to see if there were some more budget friendly ones. I came across thesephoto(1)

This is from the website Grey metal which sells rather a lot of nice wood burners, it is a PLamak B and is currently sold out! I would like to see what it looks like in real life but it seems to be a very good deal to me. They also sell this smaller more wagon sized wood burning oven which might be just right for our new arrivals although I don’t think either of them have a hot plate on the top which would be a shame as it would be nice to boil the kettle whilst warming ones toes by the fire!


Oh Ok here is just one more from Grey metal website apparently perfect for boats, sheds and holiday homes I think we can add caravans and wagons don’t you? Also with three hobs so there will definitely be room for a kettle on there!photo(1)

This model is called Viki and is a small wood burning range cooker it can comfortably heat a small 25 metre square kitchen….or cabin now if they could just make it in a different colour I would be whipping out my credit card straight away!

Well I will see you all tomorrow a competition that will help to melt all your stresses away! x