#7 Ten Things from Anthropologie

by Kitty

Our house is filled with lists from where I am sitting I can see seven separate lists none of which seem to be getting any shorter. Yesterday we managed to tick off a few of them though such as order slate chippings, mend toilet seat and dig up sorrel. As you can see these are lists full of chores so today I thought I might treat you all to a much nicer list.

I have compiled a list of my ten current favourite things from Anthropologie, a shop which if I am honest I am glad isn’t nearer us and which is stuffed full with beautiful goodies for the home. Since we are in the process of decorating our new Honesty shop and also our house I think this list is a goodie!


1. Rabbit Forestry Hook

2. Dalloway Armchair

3. Golden monochrome mug

4. Latte Bowl white

5. Pewter A to Z baubles

6. Matchbox candle

7. Frosted orb Christmas decoration

8. Lunar critter bust

9. Lindi bedding

10. Etched arcadia mural wallpaper

See you tomorrow x