#9 Curiosity walls

by Kitty

I am sorry I am not sticking to the designated topics for BEDN but really I was hoping to just make sure I blog every day so I thought I might squeeze in a post about my new love of curiosity walls. For a long time I have tried to resist too many pictures on the wall I am a big fan of wallpaper and also strong colours. Unfortunately I live with a boy who doesn’t like to leave a single space empty and actually I think that is when I started to see the benefit of a good picture wall.

So instead of just hanging random pictures everywhere I like the idea of grouping them together in one place I particularly like those that follow a theme or colour.


This one is landscape paintings they all work so nicely together as they are all the same style and I love the wooden wall behind. This is the home of Julie Paterson and I found it on Design Files Daily.

Here’s a cat themed picture wall…..Brilliant.


Then there is this one on a dark wall I am planning  dark wall in our room at some point……I will need all new bedding of course!


I have been busy planning a curiosity wall for the bathroom in the Duke, a curiosity wall is a mixture of pictures and general curiosities! My original theme was the circus because the Duke is a showman’s wagon. The theme gradually changed as I collected my pictures and I do believe it will be a while before it is finished as some of the pictures are subject to change. I started by painting the wall with Farrow and Ball in Pigeon and then began arranging my curiosities which include a number of gold stars and a cheetah painting bought for a snip at the auction!


I will be putting things in the print tray soon and probably changing some pictures but I am quite pleased so far with the way it looks. It you would like to see many more lovely picture walls and beautiful interior inspirations you can have a little look at my pinterest board Home.

See you tomorrow x