#18 About the Wallpapering

by Kitty

Anyone who read my posts in May might remember my desire to wallpaper the outside of my caravan. Since moving to spring Park the restoration of the Vixen as she is affectionately know has gone on the back burner. However I have found a nice resting place for her in our new garden and she will soon be joining us I hope.

There are a lot of men in this house who tell me that it is impossible to put wallpaper on the outside of the caravan but since the Vixen shall be enjoying her retirement in our garden and since I am a girl I see no reason why not. Plus I intend to prove them wrong. They have a man shed where they keep all there tools, we will have the Vixen and very pretty she will be!


To be honest I haven’t found many wallpapered caravans but here is one I found on Caravanity. I have had to translate the writing into English but it definitely tells me they used indoor wallpaper and train paint…..I think some kind of boat varnish might be good.


Oh and here is Maude from Tales of Ted ad Agnes…..I see wallpaper on the outside of there. I am also quite keen on the little pink picket fence.  I have shown these photos to my Dad who has now changed his tune and is telling me it won’t last, but as I am going to do it anyway I thought I might share a few of my current favourite wallpapers.


Woods and Pears from the Contemporary Restyled collection by Cole and Son.


I love these flamingos also from Cole and Son they used to be on the wall in my shop and they are a high contender for the Vixen walls either inside and out.


Then again I think I would like an Orla Kiely caravan that would be very nice indeed available in lots of lovely colours from Wallpaper Direct.


Oh my goodness there are too many choices this one is from Ferm Living. I had better stop looking and get on with some work….

See you tomorrow x