#19 Cushion Love

by Kitty

Last week Paddy came home from Brighton bearing gifts for me and the Park. He brought me one of the best cushions ever! How suprised was I as cushions are not normally his thing. In fact he along with quite a few men I suspect finds them annoying to say the least. After my Dad has sat down on our sofa you will find a neat little row of them along the back of it he says they ruin his sitting experience.

I on the other hand love them, there are so many good ones and buying a cushion or two is much much quicker than painting the walls! In our living room our cushions are all a bit yellow at the moment so the new addition having a lion face on one side and a tiger on the other fits right in!


Here it is he got it from Rume in Brighton.


Looking right at home on our sofa with another favourite by Donna Wilson from John Lewis and in the very far corner is one that I made.

photo 1

See you tomorrow x