#20 Fashion

by Kitty

There is a reason I don’t blog about fashion it’s because if I did I would be penniless, in the course of writing this one post I ordered two dresses. OK, so we are off to a wedding in the not too distant future but even then  I have a lot of dresses. I even put a ban on myself from buying clothes this year and whilst I have been somewhat restrained it hasn’t been achieved. However since the prompt for today is fashion and I haven’t stuck to many of the prompts I thought it would be rude not to honor this one.

I must admit I love winter fashion big jumpers, scarfs, wooly tights and boots with a mini skirt perfect it is my season of choice but then again a fifties frock in the summer but that is a whole other post. Now we live in the country and are doing lots of outdoor jobs you might think my outfits will have to be a bit more practical. It’s not true I may have to switch my ballet flats for wellies but that is no problem at all. Have you seen the wellies on offer out there?

Practical is not a word that sits well with me I keep waiting to grow up and become more practical but between you and me I really hope that doesn’t happen so here is a little pinspiration for the winter.