Christmas with Toast

by Kitty

I have become just a little bit obsessed with Toast this winter and it’s log cabiny American wilderness feel….I could go so far as to sat that I would quite like to live within the pages of their look book. So far as creating my winter wonderland the Toast catalog is extremely inspiring I will just need it to snow (please) so it can be completely authentic.

I love the candles they would look perfect on our table and the wood burner is the same as the one we have in Wisteria Cottage albeit a different colour. I intend to get a sheepskin rug for the floor of Pip to keep cold toes at bay and I love that reindeer blanket. One thing I do have is a lot of baubles I think I might try to make a chandelier from them to hand above the table…..wish me luck.


Well anyway I am going to start some of my decorations this week so I will share it as I go along I seem to be in charge of all the decorating this year….not that I mind. See you soon x