Decorating for Christmas Part 2.

by Kitty

So the weather has hampered my dreams of twinkling candles lining our pathways in fact its so horrible outside I doubt anyone will even be looking out of the windows! I have however finished hanging all the decorations inside. The duke has got red berries and handmade paper chains and Woodcutters has cut glass chandelier jewels hanging from the windows.

photo 3(9)

Here is the mantelpiece in the Duke the dogs are feeling festive, I haven’t managed to get a good photo of the paper chains which is a shame but there’s still time.

photo 2(9)

The twinkly fairy lights have been a big hit outside the Hercules we are hoping to keep them all year round one way or another.


Pretty things hanging in the windows of the Woodcutters Barn. Tonight I will be drinking my mulled wine from a teacup and hopefully watching a Christmas film…….Lovely.

See you soon.