Kaufmann Mercantile Wish List

by Kitty

What with my up and coming trip to New York at the end of the month I thought a wagon wishlist from Kaufmann Mercantile might be in order. This New York based company only sells online something that is a little disappointing as I thought I might be able to visit their real shop! The products they sell are quite masculine and outdoorsy they make me want to go hiking in the woods and camping under the stars. Everything is designed beautifully it’s another one of those websites that manages to convince me I need it all! So it was no trouble at all to make this wishlist and later I might have to place a little order!


I especially like the little tea light lanterns to light our way to the bathroom on less windy nights and the bench swing. I vote each wagon gets one of those, they even have a drinks holder in the arm rests for our G & T’s, mmmm perfect on a sunny afternoon I think.

Anyway I will see you soon we are starting work on our next project so I might have a few stories to tell soon