DIY…..winter flowers in Vintage tins

by Kitty

Yesterday I posted some pictures that inspired me to make some pretty table decorations to welcome our guests. Today I made some of my own and here is how I did it.


You will need some pretty vintage tins and some compost it was very easy. You will also need a selection of small alpines and succulents, I got mine at the garden centre.

Before you can plant your new plants you will need to drill some holes in the bottom of your tins so water can get out. Use a drill with a metal bit and put your tin on a piece of wood before you start drilling. I put two holes in the bottom of each tin.

Fill your tins with compost and then position your plants where you want them to be. You can then spoon a little more compost in around them and press them down gently. Give your plants a little bit of water to help them settle into there new home and watch them grow. Oh and don’t forget to put them on a pretty dish or saucer so you don’t get water on your table.

Also and this is just a word of warning you might want to sand the bottom of the tin gently as they might be a bit sharp where the holes have been drilled, be careful!

I am going to put my new tins on the tables in place of fresh flowers but they would look nice arranged on a shelf in the house or a window sill. They would make great little presents for your friends or perhaps centrepieces for wedding tables…..the possibilities are endless.


See you soon x