Dix Blue colour inspiration.

by Kitty

Oh look it’s Sunday again and seeing as tomorrow I am going to start painting Pip’s cabin, the cabin that partners our 1930’s steam roller living van. I thought I would share some of the inspiration behind the new colour. It’s something I have been planning for a while now so obviously I have been pinning lots of pictures on to Pip’s board. To be honest Pip’s cabin looks great already but I can never resist the urge to put a bit of colour on the walls and in this case I have chosen Farrow and Ball’s Dix Blue.

I am also going to paint a few pieces of the furniture and I have got a standard lamp that used to belong to my grandparents. It will need to have the shade recovered so I am looking for the perfect fabric, I may wait until the paint is on the wall just to be on the safe side. I am also planning a picture wall for the cabin which may or may not have a loose dog theme….Here is the Dix Blue Pinspiration


I would  really like a good bookshelf in there too but I think it may have to wait I can’t quite see a space for it unless we get rid of the armchair. I am not quite ready to do that especially as we have one in our bedroom that I think might look great in the cabin.

Anyway hopefully all the painting and decorating will help me take my mind of the fact that we are watching a new showman’s wagon on eBay but we can’t go and see it until Saturday. Both exciting and terribly nerve racking in equal measures!

See you soon x