New York

by Kitty

I know I said I was going to write some posts about my trip to New York but the week has run away with me what with the storms and everything. While I was away I did get plenty of time to wander around which is my favourite way of sightseeing. I found a few lovely little cabins and sheds tucked away in corners of the city so I really wanted to share those with you. I was lucky to be able to wander around Central Park in the snow on a few occasions it was like being in Narnia especially since there was hardly anyone around. I kept expecting to see Mr Tumnus around every corner. In the middle of all the snow I stumbled upon the Swedish Puppet Theatre.

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Also this lovely lakeside gazebo imagine sitting there on a warm summer day!

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Down at the Seaport close to Brooklyn Bridge I found this little boaty cabin. I think it’s a ticket office but I am not sure it was cute anyway.

photo 1(5)

Finally back to Central Park for this little cabin! It has even got icicles… amazing.

photo 2(5)

So anyway those are the tiny places I found on my New York travels I am sure there are many more I will have to go back to check them out.See you soon x