Scottish Road Trip no. 1

by Kitty

Well we have just returned from our little jaunt to Scotland and we have had such a wonderful time! We packed up the Errol van…that is our stealthy Transit camper and drove off into the sunset for a few weeks. Our ultimate destination was the Outer Hebrides, Lewis and Harris. We spent our first night in Gretna Green, no we didn’t get married, yes it did rain enough to drown my i phone! On our second night after driving around the stunningly beautiful Loch Lomond we stopped in Fort William. I will never get over the beautiful scenery in Scotland it really is one of the best places I have ever been.

I have been to Fort William before and it was nice to be back we stayed at the Glen Nevis Campsite (dogs allowed). It is a great campsite good value for money with lovely warm, clean showers and even a hairdryer. There is a shop, a restaurant, everything you need really and all nestled at the bottom of the famous Ben Nevis.

The weather wasn’t great so we didn’t try to climb Ben Nevis instead we followed one of the many woodland trails starting from the Braveheart car park….actually built for the filming of said movie! Our route took us up around the hill out of the woods with some great views of Fort William!




Peggy loved it she was in heaven pretty much from the moment she set her paws on Scottish soil.

Best of all we discovered a ‘secret’ hideout! Walking down the path through the woodland we saw a sign carved into the forest floor Outlandia it said. A wooden path wove it’s way through the trees and so of course we had to follow it. Honestly it is the closest I have come to Narnia and then at the end of the path to our delight we discovered a tree house.




Obviously it was locked, a tiny part of me as I tried the door hoped it would be open. I wanted so badly to stand inside and look out over what must have been a truly amazing view, perhaps put the kettle on and sink into an armchair to watch the birds or cuddle up under a patchwork duvet and listen to the wind in the trees.


Instead we spent a few hours wondering how we could add a forest to Spring Park and fill it with tiny tree houses. It turns out Outlandia is a space for artists, inspired by childhood dens and forest outlaws. Quietly waiting there, hidden amongst the trees for the next artist to arrive.

Now what can I possibly propose that would allow me to spend a whole week there, me and Peggy would go like a shot!


I hope you enjoyed the first part of our Scottish Road trip, we also did a lot of bike exploring and I acquired some great new maps to add to my collection. I can’t wait to share the rest of our travels! x