Decorating with maps

by Kitty

I have had my head so far under the tarpaulin painting the endless molly croft that I have completely missed Halloween which is a shame as I like making pumpkins and adding a few spooky touches to the wagons. However one of the dilemmas I have been thinking over has been the walls of the Duchess. In the past I have used maps to decorate with, I love maps.

The other day it occurred to me while I was trying to pin down my wallpaper choice that maybe I could use some of my old maps instead. I have got a sample of some Mulberry wallpaper that I really like but I haven’t ordered it yet and there is just a small niggling feeling that it isn’t quite right. Anyway due to the disappointing lack of Halloween in our house here is my pick of map love!


I should say that I found all these pictures on Pinterest and you can find them dotted around amongst my boards!

See you soon for part 2 of our Scottish road trip.x