A New Kitchen

by Kitty



 Photos from Pinterest

I know I have been away for ages I have been writing sporadically on my other blog but really want to find a way to combine them into one. Anyway today I am quite excited that we are having a new kitchen. For a while now we have wanted a new floor and more cupboards and drawers instead of the open shelving we already had. Everything gets so dusty on the open shelves and I have been hoping to make our house more tidy and less cluttered.

Obviously this will happen as soon as the new kitchen is finished. We will be living in a clutter free space filled only with beautiful yet useful things…….of course that won’t happen there will still be a pile of receipts and junk mail on the side along with random screws and drill bits. I expect the dogs collars won’t miraculously hang themselves on the hooks and Peggy will still deposit shoes and boots across the floor!

So far the new floor has been put down and waxed. The cabinets are all but finished, so many new places to put things! We are just putting our new tiles up and they look great. We chose patterned ones which makes up for the fact that all our walls are too uneven for wallpaper. I am really looking forward to getting some photos to share on here, but for now I have chosen some Pinterest inspiration. Hopefully after the weekend I can take some pictures of the finished room although we are off to Amsterdam for  few days so maybe when we get back.

See you soon x